Cut your learning curve, sTART WITH CInema 4D.

*The principles you learn in Cinema 4D are applicable to other 3D software packages such as Blender and 3ds Max.


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Topics include:
1.    Introduction-User interface walkthrough: Become familiar with Cinema 4D's workspace and customize layouts.
2.    Introduction-Navigation in the viewport: Manipulate 3D objects in the viewport and keyboard shortcuts.
3.    Modeling-Techniques overview: Primitive modeling, polygon modeling, and subdivision surfaces.
4.    Modeling-NURBS modeling: Spline modeling-lathe, loft, extrude, sweep, and deformers.
5.    Modeling-Build your own models: Become comfortable with Cinema 4D's modeling tools and commands.
6.    Modeling-Macromolecules? Work with ePMV, VMD, and Mercury for proteins or other crystal structures.
7.    Material-Getting the look right: Control surface qualities with materials manager.
8.    Material-Create custom shaders: Fine-tune color, reflectivity, refractivity, luminosity, and roughness.
9.    Material-Advanced techniques: Layer shader, blending mode, and color scheme with Adobe Kuler.
10.    Lighting-It’s all about the light: Explore different types of lights and their parameters, three point lighting.
11.    Render-Output your final image: Last touch-global illumination, ambient occlusion, depth of field.
12.    Animation-Bring your models to life: Get acquainted with keyframes, dope sheet, F curves, and cameras.
13.    MoGraph-Where creativity happens: The power of cloner, effector, mograph shader, fracture, tracer, and MoExtrude.
14.    MoGraph-In action: Delivers unlimited possibilities for modeling, texturing, and animation.


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